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Rise of the Spartans

Created by:


Directed by:



Black Plasma Studios


July 12, 2011 - December 28, 2013

Running time:

1 hour (Average)

Number of episodes:

9 completed (Part 3 is split into two parts)


Rise of the Spartans is a Halo: Reach Machinima film series created by Arbiter 617. It focuses on a team of Spartans on Reach, who later teleport to a Forerunner Ring and encounter more Covenant.



Part 1

The episode begins at Beachhead, a squad of ODSTs were assigned to defend the area at all costs. After suffering one casualty, the remaining four begin debtaing whether it was worth defending the area anymore. Meanwhile at a UNSC Security Outpost, a marine comes up to the commander and says that the ODST squad is pinned down. The commander decides to assist the ODSTs by ordering an orbital strike on the beachhead, hoping to soften the defenses there. Seeing the orbital strike, the ODSTs take this opportunity to move to a better defensive location. As they were traversing, the squad encounters a pair of hunters; where all four focus there fire and manage to kill one. Unfortunately, the second hunter gets to close and kills another ODST, the ODST Captain orders the rest of the squad to fall back. The marine reports to the commander, saying that the squad took another casualty and are pulling back. The commander states that they can't give any more support, and that the ODSTs are on they're own now. The three remaining ODSTs take cover, and continue to debate whether to stay and defend the beachhead, or fall back to the inner city. Then a brown figure appears on the horizon, and starts moving towards the ODSTs. One of the ODSTs sees something coming on the motion trackers, causing the other two to prepare to fire. A grunt comes up the stairway and is immediately killed, prompting the two ODSTs to look at their squadmate. Then an Elite major comes out of Active Camo, and takes out a sword. The three ODSTs attempt to scramble out of the way, but the Elite kills the ODST Captain and attempts to kill the other two. All of a sudden, Ocelot/Spartan 806, saves them in the nick of time and orders them to fall back to the city. As the ODSTs were falling back, Ocelot gave them suppressing fire, killing the remaining hunter, a couple of grunts and jackals, and finishing off a wraith with a rocket launcher.

The three make it back to the Security Outpost, where they're greeted by the commander who angrily asks about the defense of the Beachhead. Ocelot reports that the Beachhead is lost and recommends him to fall back to the inner city to survive. The commander repsonds saying that his orders is to defend the checkpoint no matter what, stating that death is just another road to victory. All of a sudden, a marine monitoring the radar yells that "it went to shit." One of the ODST's says it should be working fine, and asks what it means. The commander immediately jumps to a conclusion: "It means we've got stealth elites." An elite comes out of active camo, revealing a needler rifle pointed at the commanders head. Then a whole squad of stealth elites appear on site. The spec ops elite, orders the marines to drop their weapons and get down on the ground. The marines do as their told, and the spec ops leader tells one of the elites to check their equipment. On one of the nearby buildings, a purple figure is monitoring the situation with a sniper rifle. Everyone but Ocelot is on the ground, the spec ops leader tells him one more time to get down on the ground. Ocelot justs stands still, one of the elites comes from behind and asks permission to execute the spartan. As the elite was about to kill Ocelot, a sniper round to the head kills the spec ops. Taking advantage of the situation, Ocelot takes out his pistol and finishes the rest of the elite spec ops squad. A voice on the radio says, "Thought you might need some help here." Ocelot responds saying that a few moments earlier could've helped. Ocelot moves up toward the front of the barricde, and Whisper/Spartan 316 meets up with him. Ocelot and Whisper begin having a discussion about the situation at hand, but are interrupted by the marine commander asking if they hold this area due to an oncoming Covenant attack. They both agree to stay, and the marine commander requests for reinforcements. A couple squads of marines, along with the last two ODSTs, begin hustling toward the barricade and take defensive positions around the barricade. Ocelot and Whisper decide to flank the elites from behind hoping to trap them on both sides. As the marines wait behind the barricades, a fusion cutter is slicing the entrance in half, the marine commander tells the group to get ready. Then the slicing stops, all is quiet for a few more seconds until a plasma explosion creates a hole in the entrance. Squads of elites start rushing out into the courtyard, the marines and ODSTs begin to fire at will. At first, the elites start taking casualties, but start to find cover. As more elites start entering the courtyard, Whisper jet packs from behind and snipes a few of them before the attacking force starts focusing their attention on her. Whispers hovers near Ocelot's position and asks him for his assistance. The two spartans charge into battle inflicting many casualties on the elites. An Elite Ultra sees this, and takes out his fuel rod cannon. Ocelot sees this, and tells Whisper to get behind him while he goes into Armor Lock. The fire deflects off the shield and Ocelot breaks off after a few seconds when the elites recharge their weapons. Back at the barricades, the marines start taking some casualties as well. Ocelot and Whisper start falling back to the barricade and help support the marines from there. The fighting continues with both sides taking heavy losses, Commander Meaves then notices that an elite ultra is 'slipping around the side ' to which Ocelot goes to deal with. As he trys to ambush it from above the elite knocks him down, he trys to fight back but is smashed back into the ground by the elite. He then notices his shotgun lying on the ground, he dodges around the elite as it swipes at him, pickes up his shotgun and shots it as it charges him. He heads back to the barricade where the fighting has ended, Looking around i is clear it was a hard fough victory. They then are contacted by Nightflash who informs them that they are to return to their headquaters and asks Ocelot to trust him.

The two spartans return to their headquarters where they meet up with Swift, who tells them that Nightflash is planning to get them off reach. Ocelot walks off angerly stating that he has to hear this from him. He then argues with Nightflash about the morality of leaving their home, Ocelot walks off again saying that Nightflash may run but he won't, followed by Whisper who says that they should do as we are told. Nightflash then discusses with Swift about why he wants to leave. Meanwhile Ocelot goes to talk with Brass about what has happened, Brass manages to talk him into joining the rest of them in leaving the planet. Nightflash then tells the rest of the team his plan. The use of a forerunner teleporter suprises Brass, who thought they were going to smuggle off in the back of some carrier and jump to the nearest colonized planet, Arcadia. To hide from ONI they plan to blow up the headquarters and seem like they all died in the explosion and colapsing of the tower.

The spartan team then arrives at the facility where they meet the CEO of the company, Blake, a friend of Nightflash, who says that they will be able to leave in a bit. The facilty is then assaulted by banshees. Nightflash tells his squad to stay in the building but they all rush out to fend off the attack, Brass then tells Nightflash that he should let go a bit so they can be more effective and then runs off to fight the banshees. They take out all but one of the banshees that escapes as Ocelot trys to board it. The spartans come back inside to find out that there is an elite strike force inbound. The spartans plan to use a bomb to sabotage the facility and stop the elites from following, giving the CEO and his workers time to escape through the mountains. Swift heads off to cover the bomb carrier, Whisper sets up on the ridge and the others ambush them as they jump down. Fighting at first favors the spartans, but they are soon over run by elites and fall back into the lab. Swift is then ambushed by a bunch of elites and the bomb carrier is killed. Nightflash orders him to leave the bomb, the spartans then head throught the teleporter and Ocelot runs out to grab the bomb. The spartans then head throught the teleporter as the bomb detonates...

Part 2

Part 2 opens with an elite strike team led by Raptor ambushing a group of marines. Raptor charges into battle stabbing one of the marines in the head and shooting another before taking cover behind a rock. He trys to chase after his target but is discouraged by the Shipmaster, allowing the target to escape. It then shows a few days later, that Nightflash teleported into the same area. Climbing onto a rock he notices the halo ring and realizes something has gone wrong. It then shows the others appearing in different areas on the ring, Swift appears in a cave, Whisper in a desert area, Brass in a rocky area, and Ocelot in a similar place to Whisper, before returning to Nightflash who trys to contact any UNSC forces in the area. As he does so a purple elite sneaks up on him, knocks him to the ground, and steals his Spartan Laser. It then runs off and is chased by Nightflash. He catches up with the elite and asks him to return his weapon which it doesn't, it is then scared off by movement and Nightflash readys his weapon at the sound. The target seen in the first part walks over the top of a ridge with a bunch of marines and comments on Nightflash's armour, he then introduces himself as Lucas Gradeur, or Archangel. He tells Nightflash to follow them back to their base. As they walk off Archangel asks Nightflash if he has seen a purple elite stating that he has a tendency of hiding and shows him watching them walk away.

Meanwhile, Brass explores his surroundings and finds both a large covenant barricade and a group of ODST's, he is then attacked and chased by the elites and follows the ODST's into a cave that they are living in. They then angrily yell at him asking "What were you doing standing out there like that!?!?" Brass then asks what planet they are on to which one of them replies that they aren't on a planet. The scene then moves to Swift who trys to contact the others but is unable to do so. He begins to explore the area and finds a crashed pelican, he runs up and ask what is happening before going and finding the pilot has suffered spinal damage as a result of the crash, he then uses his Drop Shield to heal the damage, much to the suprise of the assembled marines. Swift then introduces himself to the man in charge who invites him inside. Swift then looks up and notices a bunch of marines standing on a hill in the distance, when he asks about it the commander just says that "They won't dare to tangle with us." As this is happening Whisper looks around the area she appeared in which turns out to be a military base. She meets the two leaders who then begin to have a discussion where she is constantly interrupted, she then jets up to them and asks if anyone else has teleported in. They then invite her inside so they can talk back at their base.

The shot then returns to Nightflash who has now arrived at Archangel's base, and he explains their situation, that they are trapped in a canyon with the elites in front and an ocean behind them, rendering them trapped. Nightflash then explains how he ended up here and asks Archangel how he got here. The next few shots move between characters who are each explaining to their respective spartan. They each tell the same story. They arrived while chasing a Covenant corvette, they followed it only to be attacked at it's destination by another corvette. They then abandon ship and land multiple drop sites around the ring. They also reveal that the ship, the UNSC Midsummer Night, is still working and is hidden from the elites by use of a stealth generator somewhere over the ring. Each explain their current problems with Brass's ODST's trapped by the local elites, Whisper's marines a long way from anyone else, and Swifts base fighting with each other. And all had no contact with the others since they landed on Halo.

The shot goes to Swift with the marine commander introducing himself as Memphis, and tells him about a forerunner A.I they "discovered." Memphis explains that they are going to use the A.I to build weapons that they can use against the covenenat and that these weapons woud be more effective than their current weapon set. Meanwhile, Whisper chats with the commander and his aide, and they are than attacked by a group of stealth elites, who slaughter some of the marines before leaving. The commander and his aide comment on the fact that the elites didn't kill them all but merely appeared to be searching for something, As they head back inside Whisper jumps into a warthog and chases after them. As this is happening Nightflash and Archangel continue to talk about his squad and Nightflash expresses his concern about them.

The shot then goes to Ocelot who is wandering around. Suddenly, a wraith's plasma lob appears over the ridge which Ocelot deflects with armor lock before he runs up and shotguns the gunner. The driver, presumably in rage, chases him into a nearby cave where he, too, is shot. Ocelot then advances forward toward a massive Covenant Spire. He is then surrounded by stealth elites including the yellow zealot seen at the beginning of the part.

Part 3A

The epside begins at the spire last seen a the end of the last. The camera follows an elite ultra to the top of the spire where he meets Raptor, the zealot from part 2, the ultra tell him that he is to go and watch the imprisoned Ocelot, Raptor comments on the pointlessness of the task stating it is more fit for minors or ultra's causeing the other elite to growl at him. Raptor moves down to Ocelot and strikes up a conversation with him saying that he wanted to die with honour the two have a short conversation with Ocelot agreing with him about wanting to die with honour. The scene then moves to Swift who is walking throught the garage area of the base he appeared at as he does one of the marines, who was fixing a guass hog, walks up to him and tells him to leave, Swift asks what he is talking about and leaves the garage. He goes outside to try and get in contact with the rest of the squad. As he does another marine tells him that he wouldn't be able to contact them as they were to far up in the moutains. He tells him that were they are is safe, aside from the threat of each other. He then asks about the A.I but the other marine comes back and there is an argument between the two that ends up with Mark punching the red marine and Swift punching the blue marine who runs back to the base. The other gets back up and introduces himself as Scope and invites Swift to talk to the leader of red base.

The scene moves to Nightflash who is beginnig given a 'tour' by Archangel. Nightflash then asks why the two corvettes haven't killed them. Archangel then tells him that after damaging Midsummer Night one of the corvttes destoryed the other with elites still inside and that the one that is still standing hasn't involved itself in anyway. As he is telling him this he suddenly starts looking around stating that Fido is listening. As he looks around Fido jumps down behind him and hands Nightflash his lazer before running off. Nightflash asks about Fido and Archangel just says that he comes by to 'help out'. As Archangel walks off to the blockade Nightflash comments on not remebering his lazer begin so heavy. As they walk off the camera switches to a HUd of an unknown character. The HUD lasts a few seconds and identifys Archangel as a target. The shot switches to Brass who is assessing the ODST's armerments. As he looks around the two introduce themselves and Stephand and Nathen as they do Specter comes back saying that the elites have given up searching for them. Nathen then asks Brass's name but is cut off by Specter. Brass then asks if he can have a look at the elite outpost, to which the marines say they'll take him to a good view.

The scene then returns to Raptor and Thel returns and demands to know where the human has gone, to which Raptor replys that he is taking a leak. Thel moves in to retreive him but is knocked uncoscience by Ocelot who steals his sword as he trys to escape Raptor knocks him down. when Ocelot asks if he has to go back to the cell Raptor relys that they need to talk. The shot goes to Swift who is in the red side where he meets Memphis. Swift asks why Memphis wanted to see him. Memphis answers that he wants to get the A.I from the blues so that they can have a look at it. Swift declines saying he needs to find his squad, Memphis then tells him that the whole ring world is Forunner and that if the A.I is to then it may be very helpful. Meanwhile Brass and the ODST's have a look at the outpost. Brass says that his first plan of charaging in wouldn't work but says he has something else. He sends a hologram in that is quickly picked off. as this is happening Nightflash and Archangel move toward the barricade. Nightflash moves out to get a better look but one of the turrets begins to shoot at him. He dogdes the shots and fires his laser. To his suprise it is green and signifiantly more powerful, however the elite sommon two ghosts and a revenenat that chases the two back to the base. Meanwhile at the blue base Swift looks at the A.I as he does Al walks up to him telling him he heard what happened with make and that he had been talking the reds. Swift tells him that the A.I isn't important to him which causes Al to ask him why he is here, Swift then tells him that both the red and blues are looking for the same thing. As al works into a monalogue. The power suddenly goes off. As he runs off the A.I comes online and talks to Swift. Meanwhile Al is working on getting the power on. When the power comes on he tells Swift he doesn't want him near the A.I or the reds to which Swift states that he'll just be somewhere inbetween.

The shot then moves to Ocelot and Raptor who are sword training. Raptor then tells Ocelot that an elites most vauable posession is his honour as it can't be replaced once lost, which he has. He vows that he will one day finish his mission but will not have his honour back. Ocelot then asks if that is why his sword is different to which Raptor replys that it is given to the new kind of zealots. As they continue training two minors watch them and run off back to spire to tell Firelight. Meanwhile there is still fighting at the canyon. As the elite vehicles move in the marines appear and a vehicle fight breaks out. In the end the elites are driven back by a group of marines all armed with rockets. As Nightflash moves back to the base Archangel asks him not to do that again. Nightflash say that he wanted to understand what they were dealing with and saying that the would need more of his squad. As they walk back Nightflash says he has something on his radar Archangel just walks on saying that it was probably fido. As they walk away the camera moves back to show an mysteriuos figure before it cuts to black.

Part 3B

The episode begins with Swift entering Mephis's base. Swift tells Mephis that the A.I. is alive and the blues are destroying. Memphis, at first, doesn't believe this, but when Swift tells him that the A.I. spoke to only him, Memphis decides to take action. Mephis, Swift, Scope, and Traven meet up in the base to discuss about their plan of action. Memphis proposes that Scope and Traven distract the Blues in order to keep the stand off going and prevent an actual civil war, giving Swift the opportunity amid the chaos to steal the A.I. All four agree to it and begin discussing the full plan. Meanwhile, back at Tempest, Brass, Spectre, Stephen, and Nathan are still having troulbe getting past the Elite outpost. They try one more time before Brass decides to go in alone. He sucseeds in entering the outpost's as the ODST's fall back to the cave. Meanwhile at the Spire Raptor heads up top to talk with Firelight. Firelight orders him to go and collect 'supplies from a moutain out post'. As he leaves he tells Raptor that he plans to kill the human while he is gone.

The next scene moves to the Highlands with Mark sitting by the river. Talks about coming to see his parents and we are treated to a flash back. In the flashback a spartan comes for a younger Mark telling him to get on the evac falcons. Mark says to wait as his parents are on their way. As they round the corner they are cut down by elites. Mark comes to his senses and notices Swift behind him. He asks if Swift will promise to help and then leave. Mark then barrets him for how little choice he has left. Swift just leaves saying he can still make his own choices. Menwhile the ODST's regroup outside their cave and think about how Brass will get out. As they do so an elite runs out and stuns Specter as the other two run off. As this is happening Raptor goes to Ocelots cell and tells him of his coming exictuion. Ocelot realises that this is the last time they will talk. He say's he has learned a lot from him and agrees with all but. The idea that honour can be returned. Apon hearing this Raptor leaves to consider something and Ocelot wishes him good luck.

Next moring the reds and Swift put their plan into action. As Traven and Scope head toward the blue base, Traven notices some blues and draws one off and then Swift appears and beats down the other. Scope gives him 20 seconds to get into position before he pulls the alarm. He switches on the alarm and all the blues scramble to get ready. As this happens Swift moves in to grab the A.I but is blocked by Mark who tell him this is proof of him inability to make decisions for himself. Swift then runs out back to Scope and Traven who are surounded by Al an d the blues. As Al yells out the reds Seift runs in and tells Al to give the A.I to the reds. Al yells back saying that he is the only one to have. Suddenly even one hears a voice and when everyone looks up Whisper is standing above them.Meanwhile at the canyon the mysteriuos figure moves in on Archangel but before he can get to him he is intercept by Nightflash. He manages to drive Nightflash back but by then Archangel has his shotgun to his face. The figure says that 'his consern is for only one of you mortals'. He slowly backs away saying that he is seeking revenge on a fallen angel before running off. When Nightflash asks about him Archangel shouts are him telling him it isn't his business and that he would handle this alone. Meanwhile back at the Highlands a blue runs up to Al telling him that someone is tripping sensors near the A.I room. Al thinks it is part of Swifts plan and moves off to deal with it. As this is happening Mark is still at the A.I room as an another blue appears and says he was making coffee. As he walks past his is assassinated by a spec ops elite. Mark jumps down and way from him and actives the alarm. Meanwhile Swift and Whisper make their own way back. As some ghost go past Whisper snipes one before Swift tells her they have brought more. The elite's attack, beginning witha wraith barrage before they send their troops in. Swift and Whsiper finally make it to the A.I room but are to late as the A.I is gone.Swift tells Whisper to focus on the troops and he'll go after the A.I. Swift makes his way to the red side helping blues along the way. At the same time Whisper helps the blues hold the line back on their side. As the wraiths move in the red appear across the canyon and open fire on the wraiths killing one. As Swift looks around he notices the elite and chases him into red base. However he is confrunted by an elite ultra who knocks him down with his gravity hammer. Swift eventually kills him but doesn't catch up to the other elite in time. As he looks around a wraith uncloacks and shoots him while he trys to block it with his Drop sheild.

The next scene moves to Highlands after the battle. Swift walks in on Al. Mark, Mephis, Scope and Whisper. Swift sounds in pain as says that he has felt better. He apoliges to the others who say that it was thanks to him they are safe. Swift says he plans to go after the elites with Whisper saying she'll go with him. Mark says he has a warthog they can use. As this happens Firelight goes to Ocelot and the scene begins ulternating between Swift and Whisper talking about where they ended up, if they have contacted the others, how much they have changed, what they are going to do. And Ocelot who is begin taken to his exicution. As Firelights speach reachs a climax a revenat pulls up kills an elite lets Ocelot in and drives off. The driver is then reveiled to be Raptor who says he has decided. As this happens Swift and Mark move into the garage where Mark shows them the hog they'll be using. As Swift moves toward the drivers seat Mark stops him and says because of the turret, a guass turret, he is driving. As they prepare to leave Al walks in and asks Swift to keep the A.I if they get it, saying it would do him better good than the marines. Meanwhile the spec ops elite is standing in a clearing as another elite walks up and says it is ready. The spec ops elite questions if they are worthy of the power and then tells the elite to load it in. As the camera pans out it is reveiled to be the A.I

After the credits the scene moves to the base Whisper appeared at. Ryan's forces are preparing to roll out. Austin moves to Ryan and says they have located her position. In which Ryan replies, "Well she's gonna need our help."

Part 4

The episode begins with Raptor smuggling Ocelot in his revenant, passing through the Covenant barricade, and dropping Ocelot off in an area close by Archangel's canyon base. Ocelot thanks Raptor for saving him, while Raptor tells him that there's a human base nearby and that they'll see each other again. Raptor drives off, and Ocelot start walking toward the base. Then Ocelot sees Nightflash, and Nightflash turns to see his squadmate. The scene transitions to Swift, Whipser, and Mark driving back to Ryan's base. They come to an abrupt halt when they see a minefield along the outer perimeter. Swift and Whisper dismount the warthog, while Mark still in the driver's seat, to scout the area. Mark honks the horn twice asking them where they are going and how long they are going to be gone for. Swift says they are going around a corner and going to be gone for a minute. They go inside a hut which contains fusion coils and weapons. Whisper knew the stealth team (from Part 2) came through here. Swift asks Whisper what escpaed from the Highlands, She says that one wraith escaped and Swift figuried that one wraith didn't do all this. Whisper asks Swift if we should gather an army and Swift says there is no time. Suddenly a musical horn went off which was caused by Mark's Warthog. Nightflash calls out Fido, Ocelot doesn't get it.

Archangel doesn't trust Ocelot because of his friendship with Raptor. Nightflash asks Fido what he did to his Spartan Laser, Fido doesn't respond. Swift, Whisper and Mark team-up with the ODSTs and prepare to attack the elite outpost to retake the AI. Firelight tells Harthag that he didn't see who saved Ocelot. Raptor meets Nightflash and continues to train Ocelot in energy sword fighting. Archangel begins spying on Ocelot because he doesn't trust him. Archangel and Raptor find him spying. Raptor tells Archangel that if he wanted him dead, he would be, before going to talk to Ocelot. Raptor tells Ocelot about how Ragath killed Oosku. Swift, Whisper, Mark and the ODSTs attack the elite outpost. Archangel, Nightflash and Ocelot attack the elite barrier in the canyon. During the fight, Swift is shot and knocked unconcious. Kalos is revealed to be the elite in charge of the outpost, guarding the AI. Commander Ryan arrives, joining in the attack on the elite outpost. Fido joins in the attack on the elite barrier. Brass attacks Kalos, shooting at him as Kalos jumps in a Banshee and escapes. Archangel, Ocelot and Nightflash break through the elite barrier. After Commander Ryan has killed all of the elites at the elite outpost, Swift wakes up. Whisper goes to look for the AI, but doesn't find it. Brass shoots at her, thinking she is an elite, until he realises it is her. Swift joins them and is happy to see Brass, but is not happy that the AI is gone. Brass says that it isn't gone, he took it earlier. Brass gives Swift the AI. The ODSTs tell them that they are going to stay at the elite outpost, and Commander Ryan says that he is going to return to Boneyard, but before he goes, he tells them that the rest of their squad are probably with Archangel and gives them the location of Archangel's canyon. Ryan gives them a mongoose and they leave. Raptor arrives at Spire and tells Firelight and Leth that they have lost the barrier in the canyon. Firelight asks Raptor if he left them escape, as he did Ocelot. Raptor says it was not him who saved Ocelot. Firelight orders Raptor and Leth to go to the canyon and search for the humans. Archangel, Nightflash and Ocelot have broken through the elite barrier in the canyon. They are attacked by Robo. During the attack, Nightflash realises that Ocelot has left. Robo runs, but Archangel chases him and attacks him. Archangel begins to lose the fight. Ocelot appears and shoots at Robo with his grenade launcher. He misses. The grenade hits a warthog which exploded and flies into Ocelot, knocking him off a cliff.

Part 5

This episode starts with Ocelot appearing in a mining facility after following a soilder who cannot hear him he comes across Archangel. He continues to follow the soilder who is heading towards a "missed terminal". After discovering there is nothing there Archangel reveals he is leaving and that the soilder Ocelot has been following is really an early Sev. Archangel abandons Sev to become captain of Midsummer night. Sev is attacked by a brute and after wandering passes out his barly conscious body and sticks it. Ocelot then wakes up after surviving the fall to Sev what reciting what seems to be poetry. Sev reveals that was "his story" and that he is not going to kill Archangel but his legacy when asked by Ocolot. Nightflash is then see running up to where Ocelot stands where Sev has dissapeared the two converse and Ocelot tells Nightflash he feels like there "standing in a crossfire with freinds and enemys on both sides i know where getting shot at but im not sure by who and i know one of these shots are gonna hit." Where Nightflash responds that the will "Shoot back together". It then cuts to Rahgaths ship where Kalos is giving his report on what happened at Tempest when Rahgath responds it dosent matter Kalos gets enraged when Rahgath does not care about the elites who died defending the AI. Kalos asks Rahgath what he sacrifices which Rahgath responds with his honor and reveals the only way he can walk the path is to begin the great journey himself and he will become king of the gods. He then tells Kalos to seek out Raptor as Firelight belives he isnt completly with the Covernant and Kalos needs to find out. Kalos promises not to fail his Master again and departs . Rahgath is told by an elite there ground facility is complete which Rahgath is glad about and talks about opening the gates to the divine beyond. It then cuts back to Ocelot and Nightflash who are getting a tour around the new base by Archangel. Archangel reveals that they have Falcons and a Sabre port, they head back inside. They find a strange devices which reveals to be a map it shows that there are elites back at the beach looking for them. It then cuts to the beach where Raptor and Thel and other Elites are. A major reports there is no humans and should report it to Firelight. As this is happening it is shown Swift,Whisper,Brass and Mark are all watching this and are discussing weather or not this is where Ryan told them to go. Brass suggests he lied to them which Swift quickly dismisses. Mark discovers a there was a battle where they are and after following a small trail finds Raptor. Everyone panics but Raptor just tells them where the others are and tells them to tell Ocelot they have buisness. Then Sev starts to have nightmares about his past self when he woke up 2 red elites and a ultra who appeared out of active camo and then Sev starts to follow them. Ocelot tells Nightflash what he is doing and he predicted where Brass, Swift and Whisper are, then they unite but got attacked by banshees, but they hold them off until Archangels friends; Scarecrow, Peracus and a couple of ODSTs arrived in falcons. Then Thel talks to Firelight where the humans are and Firelights leaves Thel incharge of the Spire and Firelight tells Thel to know U`Kran which angers Thel but tells him anyway and U`Kran makes Thel mad by teasing him which makes engage in a sword duel but Thel backs away and they both walk away. Scarecrow and Peracus talk to Archangel about the ring and asking the spartans for help but Nightflash interrupts saying there is one wraith and Ocelot thinks it Raptor so tey decide to meet him and tells that there is trouble along the way. Ocelot talks to Raptor about The Great Journey, when Ocelot went inside, Raptor could `smell` Kalos `stench` and he is astonished about being asscioated with the human, then Raptor talks about `Truth` which angers Kalos about saying he is no prophet and he says there is always a turning back then he goes of in active camo. In the Spire, a large force goes off the island, then a red elite snatch a Fuel Rod Gun off a minor and then Thel makes him give it back. But U`kran takes it and leads the army to the humans. Swift had his doubts of seeing everyone together, then Brass says to Swift if he is sentimental, then Nightflash said he would see you all together, after the teleportation. Brass starts getting suprised about a party, Whisper, Ocelot, Brass start to tell Archangel, Nightflash and Swift follow behind. Brass starts to think of a name for their squad, then Ocelot says to Nightflash about being prohibited from leadership which angers him and he walks away. Brass, Ocelot, Swift, Whisper and Mark give out their introductions, when Mark was giving out his introduction, Brass went to go get Nightflash, while they were still thinking of a squad name they calling themselves the `Argonauts`, then Fido appeared and everyone gathered in a conga line.

Raptor arrives at Raghath's new base where he is surrounded by elites. Ragath, Firelight and Kalos appear. Firelight wants to kill Raptor for betraying them but Ragath stops him and gives Raptor a choice: He can either join them and kill Ocelot to be welcomed back into his own kind, or he can leave them and return to Ocelot, in which case he will be outlawed from the Covenant. Ratpor choses to rejoin his own kind and goes inside the base. Kalos says that he chose wisely. The next morning, U'Kran's elite army arrives in the canyon where Archangel's old base is and Archangel sees it on the scanner that he, Nightlash and Ocelot found. Archangel wakes the sleeping squad and tells them that the elites are splitting up to attack them from both sides. Nightflash tells him to go fight the elites on the cliff side while his squad fights the elites on the beach side. During the fight, the squad kills U'Kran. Scarecrow and Perseus join the fight in their falcons, surrounding the remaining elites. Perseus takes the elites to a cell in the base.

After that,the Spartans, Archangel, Scarecrow and Perseus start to argue about the fight and staying but they get interuptted by Sev who knows where the elites are hidden and thinks about attacking while their forces are weak. The squad agrees, everyone expect Archangel, but he decides to help out after all. Everyone starts to head in the falcons and heads into the cliff where the elites where hiding. Sev, Swift, Nightflash and Lucas kill all the elites and head off. Ocelot, Brass and Whisper encounter Banshees which are all destoryed. Brass and Whisper ans well as two ODSTs head to another base. Nightflash, Swift, Sev and Archangel are blocked by a door and Swift and Sev get into a fight. When Nightflash fired his laser, the door opens

Part 6

This episode starts with a race and some green guys get knocked out of the race, Nightflash gains the lead but his mongoose runs out of gas so he decides to run to the finish line and everyone else runs faster and then it turn out to be a dream. Nightflash's friend King gets him to wake up, which he does but he fell off his bed. King tells Nightflash about being in one of the combat arenas while King is doing another mission with Mythic and Roxanne. King tells Angie to book an appointment for Nightflash but he cancels it. Saxon tells Nightflash to hurry up and he was going to tell him he left his door open but he ran off, so Saxon went to close it. King starts seeing visions of Earth. Nightflash questions King about the gravitational and he warns him about `a blue spinny thing` then he goes to the armory and picks up a assault rifle, he prepares to fight a heavy droid with plasma turret, during the fight Nightflash sees something moving and he forgot about ` the blue spinny thing` which makes the place goes upside down, when the droids plasma turret ran out he used a plasma repeater, the droid pinned Nightflash behind a wall with a plasma repeater, then he saw blue spinny thing move and he jumped and the droid tried to find him but he got ran over by a warthog, then Nightflash brings out a sword and defeats the droid by jumping over him and assassinated him. Mythic thinks Nightflash is showing off, then Roxanne thinks that Mythic is jealous then he says Spartans can't get jealous and talks about Active Camo, King tells them to know that they are soldiers and then they walked off. Angie asks Nightflash about his day he said it was great and he also felt excellent, he mentioned a gold spartan named Darknal trained him and other spartans on rocket training, during the training, they all fail and Nightflash tells Darknal to show us how it's done which he succeeds at. Then King came in, Angie tells King how is day was and he said it was typical and he went to bed. Nightflash was training on an arena while lots of obstacles move around and he completes it in 2 mins and 18 seconds, which makes his score 9784, which puts him close to tier 3 which is Blue and also gives him a chance to be reassigned to a squad by using `THE ROLL OF CHANCE`. King, Roxanne and Mythic were training while they heard about Nightflash being assigned to a squad. Nighflash sees three doors which have; Front Lines, Recon and Veichles. The golf ball rolls down the Front Lines door but Nightflash stops the golf ball makes it roll down the Veichles. Nightflash meets Brass and Swift, Brass calls Nightflash a cabbage, Swift say he is concerned. They start with combat training, they all have miniguns and they go against 300 combat droids, after a fierce fight they pulled through. In the cafeteria, Swift talks about the prestige of the colours, Brass talks about being Gold and saying they went him in Recon but he went for the veichles. Swift sees the Actuarian, Nightflash runs off to get to class, then the Actuarian bumps into him talks to him about these soldiers. Nightflash, Swift and Brass goes into a veichle training arena and they go against ghosts and wraith. Nightflash handles the ghosts while Swift and Brass take out their wraiths. Nightflash gets knocked out by a wraith, then it takes out Swift. Brass tells his droid `TK-421` to fire behind them, Nightflash and Swift thinks that is risky and plain stupid. Brass tells the droid to fire which makes the mongoose fly while they destroyed the wraith. Then they go against another squad which is King, Roxanne and Mythic. The battle begins with Brass gettin take down by Mythic but Swift gets him, the spinny thing signals a grid which makes Nightflash go in the trenches but Swift gets knocked out. When the grid went up Nightflash looked around and gets Roxanne with grenades but gets defeated by King. After the fight, Mythic and Brass get into an arguement, then they get into a fight, security droids come out and stops the fight, but Nightflash and Swift stop them but it didn't work. Saxon talks to Nightflash about this academy, ranks and the spartans. The Actuarian complains about losing two thirds of the spartans suffer the fate of Swift's sister Casey, Conroy says fate might be inevitable, then the Actuarain goes off. King tells Nightflash he is being requested to report to FL6097EB for a sponsorship. Nighflash talks a receptionist about waiting. A security droid recognises Nightflash about getting him with a rocket launcher, so he moves to another seat. A kid asks Nightflash for his autograph which makes him walk off. Someone stops him and introducing himself as Blake (CEO of Trident Industries). Blake asks Nightflash the effects of yesterdays challenge, then he offers Nightflash a deal about offering his resources for helping Blake with his marketing. King takes Nightflash to a blocked entrance. Nightflash calls a gold spartan `Goldilocks` which angers King, then he goes off. Nightflash talks to Blake about being a squad leader. But Blake disagrees. Nightflash starts working on the marketing campaign with Gungineer Pizza and Fidos toy factory. Blake teaches Nightflash phrases which go weirdly. Nightflash says about being Gold and he is going to do it. Nightflash goes through Rockets, Races, Sinper, CTF (Capture The Flag) and squad battling. All that he got through Blue and Red, finally he reaches Gold. Nightflash goes to see Blake who is working on a laser cannon that contains Forerunner energy and also shows a smaller type of gun. Nightflash sees a golden warthog and says he wants one.

Nightflash thanks Blake for all he has done and Blake asks Nightflash what he is going to leave the place as the spartan or the person. After that Swift looks at the scoreboard and sees Nightflash in second place and Nightflash says he has passed Brass and King who want to be at Gold and he feels concerned. The next day, Nightflash stands outside the academy looking around, a janitor starts to talk about not stopping himself leaving and says he has seen every spartan and says there is something special about Nightflash, but their talk gets interrupted by King who then remembers the smell and gets angry at Nightflash about dwelling on insignifigance and the role of the spartans. King tells Nightflash to shoot the janitor and Nightflash says it back and King shot the janitor and says to Nightflash if he had it in him to pull the trigger and he drops the gun and then Nightflash picks it up and walks off

Part 7

The story begins in a covette led by Ooskoo Ro'tam, then a spirit goes to Rahgaths Corvette, Raptor, Thel and Kalos come out of the Spirit. Rahgath fires the guns at Ooskoos' Corvette, destroying it and killing the elites. Raptor starts to talk about the Spartans and when they fall they rise again, just like a sunrise. Raptor sees Kalos which he sees Ocelots body, which suprises Kalos aboout his redemption. But Raptor disagrees and asks Kalos about the death of Ooskoo and says about the White Lance being a myth. Kalos goes off and says it was a fine kill but Raptors sword didn't pierce his armor, After that Swift tries to escape from the elites, He uses a drop shield to prevent the laser from killing him, the elites try to go through but some of them got killed. Swift knew and gets angry becuase he knew Sev was working for them, so he deicdes to find him just like he promised Ocelot but he is going to kill him and he decides to go on with the A.I. Meanwhile the Elites have captured Brass and Whisper who are trapped in a corner, Whisper asks Brass why they are doing this, Whisper thinks of staying and dying on Reach and Brass thinks he missed out on some things, during their conversation, the elites outside are fighting something, Brass goes to look, when he comes out he sees the elites all dead.

Part 8

The episode begins in the Spire with Firelight fighting Ocelot who tries to protect Raptor but ends up getting knocked down, then Thel starts to come in and says to Firelight that he has failed his mission. Firelight says he never has the power to slay these vermin, but Thel kills Firelight and knock hims off the tower and says he was the only vermin worth slaying. Ocelot gets Raptor up and gives him his sword back. Raptor thanks Thel for saving their lives and Thel says he will fight for Ooskoo and also said he will keep the Spire secure. Meanwhile, Nightflash, Swift and the other arrive in a safe spot and they end up reunited with Brass and Whisper who bring bad news about Midsummer Night and Nightflash says to Whisper to only hope to see the end of this ring. Back at the Spire, a minor says to a major they found Firelight like this and the major gets angry and Thel interrupts them into joining them, some do but some don't and they started to fight each other, Thel tells Raptor and Ocelot to take the Banshees and to find their friends and they go off, The elites who are with Thel block the Spire with Ghost and Revenants.

The Next day, Ryan's Army moves through Archangels Old base, Ryans tells them to stop becuase he thought something was not right, Some Wraiths and Spec Ops appear and attacked. Nightflash heard about this and decides to help as well as Whisper, they get in a falcon and go off. Some Banshees destroys one of the Scorpions, After that one Banshee was destroyed by the Guass Hog, during the fight, Nightflash and Whisper arrive and destroys a Wraith. Whisper jumps out and then so does Nightflash who then goes in the Warthog. Whisper knows about the situation, another Scorpion gets smashed by a Wraith. Ryan then EMPS the wraith and kills the driver. Sahjook has been watching the entire battle on the cliff. Raptor fights Sahjook while Ocelot encounters Sahjook's Spec Op Guard on the falcon, the spec op end ups killed on the falcons propellers. Meanwhile, Ryan tries to EMP the last wraith but drives and kills some of the marine but Ryan hits it and then the driver known as Sev attacks Ryan who falls back turns around and brings out his Focus Rifle, it charges ups and destroys one of the Scorpions, the Falcon and some marines, after that Ryan and Whisper attacked Sev but he got away as well as Sahjook who gets away in a Banshee. After the fight, Nightflash tells Ryan they have only one Scorpion and the Guass hog and then Ocelot and Raptor appear and Ryan starts to attack Raptor but he fights back by sending him flying.

Swift gives Brass his minigun "Sam" and Brass talks to him about what he did on the island and Swift doesn't remember, their talk gets interrupted by Major Donelly lead by some ODSTs and then Spectre, Stephan and Nathan. Donelly gets angry at them for losing the Longsword but Brass sticks up for them. Swift notices that Memphis and Al have arrived and Swift tells them about the A.I and they get into an arguement and walk off, Swift tells Scope, Mark he was sorry and he was sorry too. Just then, Storm, Ryan, Nightflash, Whisper, Ocelot and Raptor arrive as well and Swift walks off. Then a huge battle comes in and etc... Watch the thing folks

Part 9


Nightflash-Spartan 617 (Team/Squad Leader)

  • Voice Actor: Arbiter 617
  • Armor: Armor: Helmet-Mark V/CMN, Right Shoulder-Commando, Left Shoulder-MJOLNIR Mark V, Chest-Assault/Commando
  • Colors: Green primary, Blue secondary. Green, Blue, Red, and Gold (During training)
  • Weapons: Assault Rifle, Spartan Laser, (DMR, Gravity Hammer [Part 7]), Energy Sword
  • Armor Ability: SPRINT.
  • Visor Colour: Gold

Nightflash, or David, is the squad leader of Spartan Dispatch Unit Kilo (later on called the Argonauts thanks to Brass). Nightflash is very conservative when it comes to fighting with the team, and wants to make sure that all of his squadmates would live to fight another day. In the beginning of the series, he recalls his squad into a building to discuss plans on leaving Reach. News of this surprised the squad at first, but they eventually agreed to help fight for other colonies. They decided to meet up with David's friend Blake, CEO of Trident Industries.

Swift-Spartan 213 (Shotgunner, Support Specialist)


Swift or less commonly known as Clyde is a brave, loyal and resourceful member of Dispatch Unit Kilo. Despite being considered the 'newbie' by the more experienced Ocelot, during the events of part five Ocelot admitted that Swift had proved to him that he could trust Swift's skill and considered him as one of the squad. He has shown he will stop at nothing to help those he cares for and if Whisper had not persuaded him otherwise he was intending to assault a elite out-post and the small army's worth of troops stationed at it to rescue the foreunner AI 'Combat'.

Swift has a sister named Cassie that was killed by the Covenant prior to the series. He tries to end any conversations about her, leaving most of her past and their relationship in the dark.

Swift is one of the few spartans who opposes the opinion that spartans only follow orders and regularly argues with the marine Mark, who believes all spartans are the same and cannot think for themselves. Throughout the events of part six he opposed the conventional spartan way and also showed a remarkable level of devotion to his friends and despite knowing Nightflash for less than a day was willing to follow his lead and damage several security droids deployed to supress Brass and Mythic.

When he saw his friends die like Mark and Brass, he goes on a rampage which he can't control. He tries to kill everything even his own teammates, his A.I. can't stop his rampage from going

He regularly uses his signature catch phrase "I am Swift like a moa..." with some modification to suit the situation e.g. "I'm Swift like a moa in mating season" or "I'm Swift like a moa hunting for breakfast".

  • Voice Actor: MIK3 WB
  • Armor: Helmet-Mark V, Right Shoulder-Recon, Left Shoulder-ODST, Chest-HP/Parafoil
  • Colors: White primary, Blue secondary. Blue (During training)
  • Weapons: DMR, Shotgun, Assault Rifle,(Energy Sword, Plasma Rifle, Neddle Rifle [Part 7 only])
  • Armor Ability: DROP SHIELD, HOLOGRAM (Part 5 only)
  • Visor Colour: Gold

Ocelot-Spartan 806 (Grenadier, Assault Specialist)


Ocelot is the hardened war vetran of Dispatch Unit Kilo who has "been in more battles than you (a room full of marines) can name" and is one of the most deadly characters in the ROTS universe. Origonally a member of the first generation of spartans, Ocelot is the gruff and impatient yet brave and loyal member of dispatch Unit Kilo who believes in honour above all else. Though initially weary of those who he does not trust he is fiercely loyal to those who have his respect. He has shown however that he is gulable and can be easily manipulated as Sev was able to exploit his honour to gain his support and trust and he lowered his guard enough for Raptor to strike him from behind.

He has also admitted in part six that he was in love with Casey, Swift's sister, and that it had deeply effected him when she died and this possibly led to his closed off and moody personality. The only character so far in the series to have shown an ability to relate too Ocelot is Raptor and the friendship that stemmed from this conection led to a change in the mood of Ocelot and allowing him to become more open and even share in some of the squad's jokes.

  • Voice Actor: TTU Gunslinger
  • Armor: Helmet-EVA/CMN, Right Shoulder-Recon, Left Shoulder-Commando, Chest-UA/Multi-Threat
  • Colors: Brown primary, Ice secondary
  • Weapons: DMR, Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, Energy Sword, Fuel Rod Gun
  • Armor Ability: ARMOR LOCK
  • Visor Colour: Black
  • Status: Killed

Whisper-Spartan 316 (Sniper)


Whipser is the voice of reason in Dispatch Unit Kilo and has been a long time friend of her fellow first generation spartan Ocelot. Maria is the smart and caring member of her squad and her level head and steady aim has saved the team's skins on many occassions. Relied on both physically and mentally by her squad, she balances both her deadly skill and her good judgment to decide what is best for her squad, especially with the hot heads like Swift, Ocelot and Brass charging in guns blazing.

Whisper has been shown to be cool and collected at all times and the only time where she was unable too act or think was when she was confronted by Ryan's affection, leading too her to become flustered. She was killed by Elites after volunteering to stay back and give them cover.

  • Voice Actress: Olliban
  • Armor: Helmet-Recon UA/HUL[3], Right Shoulder-Jump Jets, Left Shoulder-Recon, Chest-Default
  • Colors: Purple primary, Gold secondary
  • Weapons: Sniper Rifle, DMR, Shotgun, Spartan Laser
  • Armor Ability: JET PACK
  • Visor Colour: Silver
  • Status: Killed

Brass-Spartan 024 (Heavy Weapons Specialist)


The sharp tongued and layed back member of Dispatch Unit Kilo or 'The Argonauts' as Brass nicknamed them, Romero is always keen to crack a joke or too intoduce Sam (his turret) to his enimies. Romero didn't always have the layed back attitude he displays now, during his spartan training with Swift and Nightflash he was completely devoted to working and obtaining 'gold'. This all work and no play attitude disappeared after the death of the Actuarium where he was banned from obtaining gold.

He has shown to be abnoxious and insensitive at times but generally he has shown to be a moral boosting member of Dispatch Unit Kilo and is a stark contrast to the moody and depressing comments of Ocelot.

  • Voice Actor: halosavior007
  • Armor: Helmet-Air Assault, Right & Left Shoulders-Hazop, Chest-UA/Base Security[W]
  • Colors: Maroon primary, Orange secondary. Red (During Training)
  • Weapons: Machine Gun Turret "Sam"/Mini-Gun, DMR, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Machine Gun Turret "Miller"/ Mini-Gun (Part 7 only)
  • Armor Ability: HOLOGRAM
  • Visor Colour: Default
  • Status: Killed

Mark played by ace6623 (Representative of Al's Blue Wing in the Highlands)

  • Armor: Helmet-Military Police HU/RS/CNM, Right & Left Shoulder-EVA, Chest-Assault/Sapper.
  • Colors: Brown primary, Ice secondary.
  • Weapons: Assault Rifle, Rocket Launcher.
  • Armor Ability: None
  • Visor Colour: Blue
  • Status: Killed

Archangel played by Jon Michael Villagomez (Current Captain of Midsummer Night)

  • Armor: Helmet-Commando, Right Shoulder-ODST, Left Shoulder-UA/Base Security, Chest-HP/Parafoil, Knee guards-f j para.
  • Colors: Sage primary, Forest secondary.
  • Weapons: DMR, Shotgun, Spartan Lazer, Assult rifle, pistol.
  • Armor Ability: None.
  • Visor Colour: Default
  • Status: Killed

Sev/Robo played and voiced by RoboLeaderOom9 (Former Captain of Midsummer Night)

  • Armor: (Previous Armor): Helmet-Pilot UA/HUL[3], Right Shoulder-Commando, Left Shoulder-Security, Chest-HP/Parafoil.

(Current Armor): Helmet-GUNGNIR HU/RS, Right & Left Shoulder-Security, Chest-HP/Parafoil R.

  • Colors: Black primary, Sage secondary.
  • Weapons: Assault Rifle, Spiker, Grenade Launcher, Focus Rifle.
  • Armor Ability: EVADE and SPRINT (beginning of part 5 only)
  • Visor Colour: Gold
  • Status: Unknown

Sahjook played by CJKIES

  • Armor: Ultra, Zealot in Part 8
  • Weapons: Concussion Rifle, Gravity Hammer, Energy Sword, Plasma Repeater
  • Armor Ability: Active Camo
  • Status: Killed

A.I / Cassi played by Shiralai

  • Mode of Transport: Decommissioned Armor Enhancement.
  • Status: Consumed by Halo's control grid

Rahgath played by Memphiston93 (Fleetmaster of the Covenant Armada over Halo)

  • Armor: Field Marshall.
  • Colors: Gold primary and secondary.
  • Weapons: Needler Rifle, Energy Sword, Concussion Rifle.
  • Armor Ability: EVADE.
  • Status: Alive

Firelight played by 'Sean Mayes' and Digital Virus in part 8 (Leader of all Covenant ground forces on Halo)

  • Armor: Zealot.
  • Colors: Maroon primary and secondary.
  • Weapons: Energy Sword, Plasma Repeater, Fuel Rod Cannon, Concussion Rifle.
  • Armor Ability: EVADE.
  • Status: Killed but Alive According to Arbiter 617

Raptor played by Ghost Omel (Zealot of the New Order, former apprentace to Ooskoo Ro'tam)

  • Armor: Zealot.
  • Colors: Yellow primary, Khaki secondary.
  • Weapons: Needler Rifle, Energy Sword.
  • Armor Ability: EVADE.
  • Status: Alive [Elites of War]

Kalos played by 'Jason Axelrod' and Dnhodge in part 7 and 8 (A member of Ooskoo's Brotherhood)

  • Armor: Spec Ops
  • Colors: Steel primary and secondary.
  • Weapons: Plasma Rifle, Energy Sword.
  • Armor Ability: ACTIVE CAMO.
  • Status: Missing

Thel played by DarkHunterKreka (A member of Ooskoo's Brotherhood, servant to Firelight)

  • Armor: Ultra
  • Colors: All white
  • Weapons: Plasma Rifle, Energy Sword
  • Armor Ability: EVADE
  • Status: Killed

Scarecrow played by Pyrami (Eagle 1, leader of Eagle Squadron)

  • Armor: Helmet-Scout, Right Shoulder-GUNGNIR, Left Shoulder-Operator, Chest-Tactical/Patrol.
  • Colors: Gold primary, White secondary.
  • Weapons: Assault Rifle, Magnum, Shotgun.
  • Armor Ability: None.
  • Visor Colour: Silver
  • Status: Killed

Perseus played by Sgt Rorschach (Eagle 2)

  • Armor: Helmet-CQB UA/HUL, Right Shoulder-MJOLNIR Mark V, Left Shoulder-Operator, Chest-UA/Counterassault.
  • Colors: Gold primary, Steel secondary.
  • Weapons: Assault Rifle, Magnum, Sniper Rifle, Plasma Rifle.
  • Armor Ability: None.
  • Visor Colour: Black
  • Status: Killed

Stephen played by Kyler45 (second in command of the ODST Squad)

  • Armor: Helmet-ODST CBRN/HUL, Right & Left Shoulder-ODST, Chest-HP/HALO.
  • Colors: White primary, Orange secondary.
  • Weapons: Assault Rifle, DMR, Magnum, Needler, Concussion Rifle.
  • Armor Ability: None.
  • Visor Colour: Gold
  • Status: Killed

Nathan played by Whog Ivesacrap (Sharpshooter of the ODST Squad)

  • Armor: Helmet-ODST, Right and Left Shoulder-ODST, Chest-UA/ODST.
  • Colors: Tan primary, Green secondary.
  • Weapons: Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Magnum.
  • Armor Ability: None.
  • Visor Colour: Default
  • Status: Killed

Spectre played by Grif 247 (Commander of the ODST Squad in Tempest)

  • Armor: Helmet-ODST CBRN/HUL, Right Shoulder-ODST, Left Shoulder-Recon, Chest-Assault/Commando.
  • Colors: Steel primary, Red secondary.
  • Weapons: DMR, Assault Rifle, Plasma Launcher, Plasma Repeater, Shotgun.
  • Armor Ability: None.
  • Visor Colour: Gold
  • Status: Killed

Ryan played by TricksterPDH5 (Commander in the Boneyards)

  • Armor: Helmet-CQC, Right Shoulder-UA/Mutli-Threat, Left Shoulder-JFO, Chest-HP/HALO.
  • Colors: Teal primary, Orange secondary.
  • Weapons: Assault Rifle, DMR, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher.
  • Armor Ability: None.
  • Visor Colour: Default
  • Status: Alive

Austin played by iFight2Protect (Ryan's 'Advisor')

  • Armor: Helmet: MARK V (Base), Left & Right Shoulder: Default, Chest: Default
  • Colours: Teal primary, White secondary
  • Weapons: Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Magnum
  • Armor Ability: None
  • Visor Colour: Default
  • Status: Killed

Blake played by Ben Dover (CEO of Trident Industries)

  • Armor: Helmet-EOD, Right & Left Shoulder-ODST, Chest - Tactical/Recon
  • Colors: Orange primary & secondary.
  • Weapons: None.
  • Armor Ability: None.
  • Visor Colour: Silver
  • Status: Alive

King-Spartan 278 played by NostalgicMass20 (Nightflash's roomate, Squad Leader)

  • Armor: Helmet - Recon UA /HUL[3]. Left Shoulder - Grenadier. Right Shoulder - MJOLNIR Mk V. Chest - HP/Parafoil
  • Colors: Silver Primary & Red Secondary, Blue then Red (during training)
  • Weapons: Assualt Rifle & Shotgun
  • Armor Ability: Sprint
  • Visor Colour: Gold
  • Status: Killed

Mythic played and voiced by Mythic VII (Stealth Specialist, part of King's Squad)

  • Armor: Helmet- MJOLNIR Mk. V (UA). Left shoulder- UA/Base Security. Right Shoulder- MJOLNIR Mk V. Chest- UA/Multi-Threat (W).
  • Colors: Green primary & Steel secondary, Green (during training)
  • Weapons: DMR & Grenade Launcher
  • Armor Ability: Active Camo
  • Visor Colour: Black
  • Status: Killed

Roxanne voiced by Audrey Lukeban (Sniper, part of King's Squad)

  • Armor: Helmet-CQB (HU/RS/CMN), Left Shoulder-Sniper, Right Shoulder, Recon, Chest- HP/Base Security
  • Colors: Orange primary & White primary, Blue (during training)
  • Weapons: Assault Rifle & Sniper Rifle
  • Armor Ability: Drop Shield
  • Visor Colour: Gold
  • Status: Unknown

Saxon voiced by II Sam II 25 (Solo Spartan)

  • Armor: Helmet- MJOLNIR Mk. VI, Left shoulder-ODST, Right shoulder-Commando, Chest- HP/Parafoil
  • Colors: Steel primary & Blue secondary, Red (during training)
  • Weapons: Assault Rilfe & DMR
  • Armor Ability: Sprint
  • Visor Colour: Gold
  • Status: Killed

Darknal voiced by Darknal (Graduated Gold spartan)


Darknal can be seen as a mentor figure and wishes for his fellow spartans to be successful in battle. Recently graduated on Reach as a Gold Spartan, he taught a class with Nightflash, Mythic and two other green spartans on how to creative on the battlefield. After failing their first attempt, Darknal starts to critque the spartans saying that they should use their surroundings rather than their weapons. Nightflash, wanting see an example, asks Darknal to give a demonstration. The simulation begins again, this time Darknal is fighting alone against two banshees and three ghosts. With quick and decisive actions, Darknal manages to take out the training droids at ease using two rockets, and even throwing a land mine.

Behind the Scenes

Arbiter 617 mentioned in a PSA that a special guest voice actor from another Halo Machinma would have a cameo role in Part 6. Rumors started flying around comments thinking that it would be GuitarmasterX7 or Kootra. After the first few days of Part 6 begin released, fans were surprised to see Darknal make an appearance on RoTS, giving a lot of praise to Arbiter 617 for asking him to have a part in the series.

  • Armor: Helmet- MJOLNIR Mk. VI (FC-I [2]), Left shoulder- Commando, Right shoulder- CQC, Chest- HP/Parafoil
  • Colors: Gold (during training), Steel primary & Red secondary (probably when he went to Halo with Cosmic, Conan and Dolphinie)
  • Weapons: Rocket Launcher, Landmine, DMR, Assault Rifle
  • Armor Ability: None
  • Visor Colour: Gold

Scope played by 'Stephin Woods' (StressW)

  • Armor: Helmet-Military Police, Left & Right Shoulder - CQC, Chest - UA/Base Security [w]
  • Colors: Brown primary, Red secondary.
  • Weapons: Assault Rifle, Chaingun.
  • Armor Ability: None.
  • Visor Colour: Gold
  • Status: Alive

Donnely played by Dnhodge (ODST Leader)

  • Armor: Helmet: ODST (UA/CNM) Left & Right Shoulder - Commando, Chest - Collar/Breacher
  • Colors: Tan primary, Steel secondary
  • Weapons: DMR, Magnum
  • Armor Ability: None
  • Visor Color: Black
  • Status: Killed

Storm played by Stormray Voice (Commander in the Sabre Ports)

  • Armor: Helmet - Security (CBRN/CNM) Left Shoulder - Grenadier, Right Shoulder - Commando Chest - HP/Parafoil, Wrist - Assualt/Breacher
  • Colors: Green primary & white secondary
  • Weapons: Shotgun, DMR
  • Armor Ability: None
  • Visor Colour: Black
  • Status: Alive

Fido played by herself

  • Armor: Minor.
  • Colors: Purple primary and secondary.
  • Weapons: Plasma Rifle, Needler, Needle Rifle.
  • Armor Ability: EVADE.


Rise of the Spartans so far has received postive feedback, and a great fanbase from the YouTube community. Some fans see similarities between Rise of the Spartans and popular machinima The Forgotten Spartans. Darknal himself has made a small cameo in Rise of the Spartans' latest episode, and Stormray, also a special guest actor, plays a role in the current episode of the series.


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