One Life Remaining

Created by:


Directed by:



  • Jon CJG
  • Elizabeth Carr-Ernst
  • Various


July 18, 2009 - November 6, 2010

Running time:

9 minutes (Average)

Number of episodes:

26; 1 Special

One Life Remaining is a machinima series created by Jon CJG which was released July 18, 2009 and was for a while the assumed replacement of his most well known series, Arby 'n' the Chief. That said the latter series did eventually continue, with One Life Remaining still running. Later One Life Remaining concluded it's second season with Jon stating on his blog that like Hard Justice he would not continue it, making this not only the end of One Life Remaining but Hard Justice (as both Esoteria and Bernard Brown are featured in it)

Jon has stated that he looks back at One Life Remaining as a "Horrendous, bizarre, cringe-worthy, clusterfuck of outrageous plot elements and stupid emo teenage bullshit that I felt I had to exert at the time. I am willing to accept there are some aspects people find funny or relateable but i hate it overall". Similar to Hard Justice, Deus Ex Machina, and It's a Wonderful Live, Jon does not list this series on his blog.

Plot Edit

The series follows the life of a young man named Anthony Heitzmann. Anthony is a socially awkward but intelligent gamer and high-school student who has a hard time with society and friends. He does not have a girlfriend, does not have many friends, and has a cynical outlook on parts of society. The series follows him as he makes friends, learns about life, and fails and succeeds. For the worse and for the better.

Season 1 Edit

The series starts out at a high school graduation, where we see Anthony graduating. Instead of going to a graduation party or starting his own party, he celebrates by playing some video games. His mother, Deborah, is confused at this and sends him to the graduation party of the high school jock and bully Chris. Anthony's social skills are displayed when he insults Chris's girlfriend, Becky when Chris accuses him of hitting on her ("I wouldn't hit on your girlfriend unless I had a baseball bat and a cure for AIDS") and he ends up with a bloody nose. Anthony later on gets into a fight with his mother and father and he brings his mother to tears unintentionally.

Four years later, after graduating college, Anthony moves out of the house. He lives in a gritty one person apartment, is struggling to keep up the rent, lives off of milk that is a day past it's sell-by date and jawbreakers, and does not have a job. His mother calls him and suggests him to find a roommate to help keep up his rent. Anthony realizes he has no choice and sets out.

Eventually, Anthony finds a roommate. Chad Mueller is an easy going, video game loving, and friendly young man who just happens to have space for rent. Anthony moves in with Chad and the two become friends. Chad owns a whole video game system and hundreds of video games and consoles, drinks only beer and junk food, and sits around the house all day. When he and Anthony are bored, Anthony and him smoke illegal tobacco. As he is settling in, he is acquainted to Chad's friend and neighbor, Peter Patterson, a.k.a. "Pete the Elite". Peter is a Covenant Elite who immigrated to Earth along with many other Elites. Like Chad, he is lazy, uncaring, and has a love for life. Peter works at a gas station and works various jobs that are unmentioned. He is usually fired immediately. Also like Chad, he loves video games, illegal tobacco, and beer.

After getting settled in, Anthony sets out to find a job. He finally finds a job at a video game store called "The Gamer Pit." He is welcomed in due to his advanced knowledge of electronics and video game mechanics and quickly lands the job with the manager. Once there, he finds a love interest in one of the workers, a girl his age named Kathryn Mann. After going over it with Chad, Anthony musters up the courage to ask her out. Kathryn says yes and they decide to go see Avatar.

However, the date is a disaster. Since Anthony has never been on a date before, he is confused. Instead of offering to pick Kathryn up and bring her to the theater, he asks her to go to the theater by herself. When they are at the theater, Anthony gets into an argument with a Avatar fanboy over the plot of the film regardless of Kathryn having to listen. Eventually, Kathryn walks out and accuses Anthony of being rude and awkward. Anthony, angered, tries explaining to her that he is new to dating and he apologizes for anything that may have inconvenienced her. But Kathryn does not listen and their argument is interrupted by the person who broke Anthony's nose, Chris. Anthony is shocked to find out that Chris has become a policeman. Chris does not recognize him though. Chris defends Kathryn from Anthony and threatens him. The two walk away but not after Kathryn brutally insults Anthony.

Anthony decides that it will not end like this. He steps forward courageously and accuses Chris of only being a cop so he could pick on people and show off his steroid filled body. Then he turns to Kathryn, points out all her flaws in yelling at him, and ends it by calling her a "fucking bitch." Kathryn is shocked at this and Anthony leaves. Pissed off, Chris and Kathryn decide to get back at Anthony and hatch a plan.

Meanwhile, Peter and Chad find out that Anthony had set in a job application to a gaming company, Cocksweat Game Studios. When Anthony comes home, he is overjoyed to find out that the company has accepted him. But just as things are turning out, Kathryn and Chris have hatched a plan to ruin Anthony. Kathryn had recently entered Chad's apartment and she had smelled something in the air which was the illegal tobacco that Chad, Peter, and Anthony smoke frequently. Kathryn plans to have Chris search Anthony's house, find the tobacco, and have him arrested along with his friends.

Just as Chris and Kathryn are heading over to Anthony's house though, they stop at a gas station. Little do they know that Peter works at the same gas station and is cleaning up the isles. Peter overhears a conversation the two are having about Anthony and Chad, and he hurriedly calls Anthony to tell him to hide the tobacco. But just as he types in the number, Kathryn sees him and knocks him down. She breaks the phone and she and Chris throw him out of the store and leave. Peter wakes up and tells his boss that he has to go. His boss tells him that if he leaves, Peter will lose his job. Peter ponders this.

Chris and Kathryn finally arrive at Chad and Anthony's apartment. They knock on the door and enter the house against Anthony and Chad's will. Chris finds out that the tobacco is in the bathroom and heads too the bathroom to find the tobacco. Just as all seems lost, the toilet can be heard flushing. Suddenly, Peter walks out of the bathroom and asks Chris what is wrong smugly. Chris pushes him out of the way and finds out that Peter had snuck in and had flushed the tobacco down the toilet. Infuriated, Kathryn and Chris leave the house. Before they leave, Kathryn tells them that there feud isn't over. Anthony tells them that it is.

As the couple drive away, they ask Peter how he got to the house so quickly. Peter tells them that he quit his job and took a shortcut to the house. Then, he climbed through a window, went to the bathroom, and flushed the tobacco down the toilet. Peter tells them that he's probably going to lose his house now. Since Peter saved them, Chad and Anthony tell him that he can stay at the house until he finds a job.

Season 2 Edit

Season two starts out with a flashback of Anthony's past. At the University of Estoria, before he graduated, he had a best friend named Sarah. Sarah saw things similarly to Anthony. She had a more realistic and complex view on society, did not have many friends, and was a loner. The two did many things together. But Sarah had met Anthony previous to breaking up with a man named Ted, a jock who was similar to Chris (and would beat up Peter Patterson frequently.) One day, after school, the two met up. They had plans to go out for lunch, but before they did, Anthony told her about a video game design he had where he and Sarah were the main characters. Suddenly, Ted appears. Sarah tells Anthony that she and Ted are getting back together now. Anthony quickly takes a disliking to Ted, seeing how he broke up with Sarah earlier and Ted quickly laughed when he heard Anthony's video game idea, calling it "really retarded." After talking, Sarah had left with Ted to a restaurant. Sarah waited for Anthony, but he never showed up.

In the present, things are now going smoothly for Anthony. He has not seen or heard of Kathryn and Chris in weeks now, he has been working hard at his job at Cocksweat Game Studios, and has a new car. However, one day, his life is thrown back into drama. When he is in a meeting at work, he steps outside for some fresh air. To his surprise, he sees Kathryn. Anthony tells her that he will not go out with her again. Kathryn gets him to go out on a date though when she tells him that "I know that crushing feeling you get every morning when you get up and you contemplate on if you really should get up." Anthony decides to give their relationship one last try.

Meanwhile, Chad and Peter are playing video games in the apartment. Suddenly, Chad gets a phone call from a lawyer who tells him that his grandmother passed away (apparently she was skydiving and the cord didn't release the parachute in time). Chad is shocked. He then learns that he is included in her will. Chad and Peter head down to the lawyer's office to see what is going on. Chad learns that he had inherited $5,000 dollars. At first, he and Peter rejoice, but then Chad realizes that the money must be spent for an education (apparently if Chad had the money he would blow it all on cheap shit.) Then Chad can use the remaining money for whatever he wants. Peter laughs at Chad's predicament.

As this is happening, Anthony and Kathryn go out on their date. Kathryn takes him to a comedic restaurant where people can get on a microphone and say what they want. To Anthony's surprise, Chris is there with another woman, Crystal (an uptight woman who also works at "The Gamer Pit".) As the food is served, Anthony heads up to the stage to say something about his and Kathryn's date. Once he is up on the mic, he begins to talk about Kathryn. Instead of saying nice things about her, he goes on to explain how much of a bitch she is. He tells the whole audience about how she freaked out on him over nothing and then tried getting him arrested when he defended himself. The audience starts cheering him on and booing Kathryn. Anthony ends the speech by saying, "The moral of the story is, stay away from Kathryn Mann." He then leaves the stage. Kathryn in tears, chases after him. Anthony drives away from the restaurant, ignoring her screams at him. Smiling, he leaves Kathryn in the rain soaking wet.

The series then goes back in time to show Kathryn's past. Kathryn was actually a patient at a mental asylum after she killed her family's dog for an insane feeling. While she was at the asylum, she assembled a cynical and cold view on life. After spending two years at the asylum, she developed a relationship with one of the guards and they became friends. But one day, Kathryn stole his gun and shot him and a nurse at the asylum, and escaped. Now, she stalks Anthony for revenge of the embarrassment he caused her.

Meanwhile, Peter and Chad join a university, and struggle to learn how things work. When Chad realizes he is not prepared for university, and is missing supplies. Chad then visits the campus shop with Peter (who has been hanging near the women's restroom), where he meets Sarah, who has been working as the store manager. Sarah appears depressed and uncaring. And soon, it is revealed that her former boyfriend, Ted, is the head of the university. And soon after, it is revealed that Peter was bullied by Ted in college, and now the elite plans to get back at Ted. But when Peter confronts Ted, and asks for "all the lunch money he stole back", Ted laughs at him and has security throw Peter out. Peter, infuriated, vows revenge.

As all this is happening, it is shown that Anthony is slowly rising the ranks at Bad Games (formerly Cocksweat Game Studios.) Kathryn is shown to be stalking him now, slipping back into insanity. When she finds out of his presentation, she goes to his workplace and gets onto his computer and sabotages the presentation. Anthony's boss fires him, and Anthony is forced to find another job. Chad and Peter tell Anthony that he should get a job at the University Shop. Anthony applies to the shop, and is shocked to see Sarah. The two catch up on life, and Anthony tells her about the "cataclysm" of his relationship with Kathryn. When he asks Sarah about what happened after college, all Sarah tells him is that her degree didn't work out because of the failing job market, and then remains secretive. The two leave, and Kathryn is shown to be in the shadows, and she tells herself "I'll show you a fucking cataclysm."

Meanwhile, Chad walks into a bathroom and he is surprised to see that their is pot smoke emanating from the stalls. When Chad investigates, he finds a druggie college student smoking in one of the stalls. Chad joins in, but the police are called in to the drug use. Surprisingly, Bernard Brown (a character from another series of Jon CJG, Hard Justice), and Josh show up to deal with the problem. Chad escapes the scene before they can question him, but Kathryn is seen to be walking the hallways.

After the incident, Anthony starts working at the college store with Sarah. As they work with each other, the tension between their pasts finally come to a halt when the two get into an argument. Anthony tells Sarah that he is sorry for leaving her in the past, but he asks her if there is "any chance this will work out." Sarah tells him that she and Ted are engaged. Anthony, appalled, tells her that he quits and then leaves to a bar in depression. Anthony is then introduced to whiskey, and is later seen walking the streets drunk.

At the same time, Peter finally finds a way to get to Ted. After getting Ted's address, he and Chad (who has been failing college) leave to confront Ted. At the university campus, we see Sarah leaving for the day and walking to her car. In the background, Katherine can be seen driving up to her.

At the Esoteria Police Station, Bernard Brown sits next to Chris as they work on her computers. Bernard is finishing up a report at the drug use at the college, when suddenly Chris mentions seeing Katherine Mann, his old girlfriend at the college. Suddenly, Bernard remembers back to when Katherine Mann broke out of the insane asylum, it was a case he worked on. He looks at Chris, who looks at him and simply says "What?"

Sarah drives home later with Kathryn driving slowly behind her. Kathryn is shown to be armed with a pistol, which she has been practicing with at a shooting range. Sarah enters her house where Ted demands her to make him lunch. Suddenly, Kathryn breaks into the house and shoots Ted, killing him instantly. Sarah tries hiding, but Kathryn finds her and prepares to execute her. But just as this happens, the doorbell rings. Kathryn has Sarah answer it (saying that she'll kill her, and her "guest" not knowing that Ted and Sarah are engaged instead of Anthony having an affair), and Sarah does so, and Anthony is standing at the door, still drunk. Unknowing of Kathryn's presence, he tells Sarah that she had no right to judge him. Sarah, wanting Anthony to go away, tells him to get the fuck away from her and never come back. Anthony, shocked at her, shuts the door and leaves. Kathryn, satisfied, throws Sarah to the ground and prepares to shoot her. But once again, Anthony knocks on the door and calls out to Sarah if he can use her bathroom to "clean his head-thingy" (his helmet.) As this happens, Chad and Peter arrive at the same time, and Peter tells him that he is ready to face Ted. Kathryn, hearing all this, decides that she will just run out and shoot each one of them dead right there.

Kathryn breaks down the front door, her pistol aimed at the group. But before she can shoot them, a police vehicle speeds toward them. Bernard jumps out with a Battle Rifle and shoots Kathryn in the shoulder, disarming her. Anthony, Chad, and Peter both run for cover on the sidewalk as Chris runs over to Kathryn and pulls her off the ground, and leads her to the police car. Sarah, distressed, walks out of the house in tears and slaps Anthony across the face, and tells him she never wants to see him again. Behind them though, Chris is leading Kathryn to the car with a pistol. In complete rage and insanity, Kathryn flips around and strikes Chris as hard as she can in the face. Chris drops his pistol and Kathryn picks it up, and proceeds to fire wildly at Peter and Chad. Bullets strike the two, and they both fall down. Bernard disarms Kathryn as Anthony looks at his two best friends and asks himself, "What have I done?"

As Chad and Peter are rushed to the hospital, Bernard and Chris drive Kathryn back to the police station. But while they are driving, they are pulled over by two strange men with guns who take Kathryn away, much to Bernard's astonishment. Kathryn is brought back to her father's house, where her father is waiting for her. Kathryn is shocked to see him, and asks what he is doing. Her father tells her that she has become a nuisance, and she does not deserve to be put in jail forever. Instead, she will be used as a test subject for gruesome experiments performed by scientists at Mann Industries. Kathryn, to terrified to speak, is brought away.

The series then switches to Chad, who is laying in a hospital bed in a coma. When he wakes up, he is informed by the doctors that he was in a coma for two years. Peter had already left the hospital, but Chad was too far into the coma to get out. Chad leaves the hospital, confused at what has happened while he was asleep. It is revealed that Sarah, after Ted's murder, has become the principal at the University. When Chad goes to see her, she tells him that she does not know where Anthony went, but she knows that Peter simply "disappeared." Chad leaves to find Anthony, and he decides to visit Anthony's parents. He talks with Deborah, Anthony's mother, who tells Chad that Anthony moved back into his old apartment. Chad can only comment one thing on what is happening to him: "This is the lamest fucking day ever."

Meanwhile Kathryn has been exposed to anthrax, and her father Hector comes to see her. His assistant helps him contemplate what to use on her next. He sees nerve gas grenades, and a new type of biological agent. His biological agent is placed in a chest plate, designed for suicide bombers. His assistant explains that it's optional. He leaves, leaving Kathryn (now more educated about the weapons), the scientists, and the guards alone. Just as they're about to do the experiment, Kathryn fakes dying, and a guard enters her holding chamber to check on her. She punches the guard, and takes his battle rifle before going on to killing everyone in the room. In the hallway she demands another guard's keycard, but he hesitates forcing Kathryn to kill him. She opens the door to an armory, and arms herself with new armor for her suit. She also obtains a rocket launcher, and a pistol. She then battles her way into her father's office. Her father pleas for his life, trying to convince her not to kill him on the premise that he's her father.

Kathryn places Hector into the holding cell, then interrogates him to get instructions on using the chest plate. She then briefly contemplates what CBRN weapons to use on Hector before just choosing all of them. She leaves to kill Sarah and Anthony.

Chad arrives at Anthony's apartment and rings the doorbell. Nobody answers for a few moments, so he begins to leave, but just as he leaves someone opens the door. Chad turns around and sees Anthony staring at him. Chad is invited in after a short exchange ending with Chad offering food.

Kathryn arrives at the University of Esoteria with all her weapons plus an armed chest plate. In the auditorium Sarah is making a speech about the futures of the students at U of E. During the graduation ceremony, Sarah's assistant storms out of the auditorium making several offensive remarks about women in power. Kathryn lobs a Nerve agent grenades at him only giving him enough time to say "Oh shit!". She then storms into the auditorium and holds everyone hostage threatening to detonate the chest plate.

At Anthony's house Chad and Anthony talk about the whereabouts of Peter, then Anthony's current state of life. Chad suggests Anthony should call Sarah, but Anthony replies "She hates my guts. She's the last person on Earth she wants to see." and then Chad advises him that it's about time he calls. Seemingly picking up the phone to call Sarah, he dials a number, and ends up at Pizza Shack. They order pizzas Anthony ordering a thin crust pizza, while Chad orders a regular crust. I bit later Bernard and Chris raid Anthony's apartment demanding he go to the university to negotiate with Kathryn. After a brief tantrum Anthony reluctantly agrees to go.

At the university they send Anthony in after Kathryn promises to release the students, and Kathryn refuses to release the hostages. A brief conversation ensues before Kathryn prepares to execute Sarah.

Outside the university Peter arrives holding a shotgun. Peter now is wearing a police badge, and Assault Harness armor. Peter and Chad have a conversation, and Peter invites Chad and Anthony for drinks if they don't die from the ordeal.

Suddenly a good Samaritan punches Kathryn in the back of the head briefly knocking her unconscious allowing Sarah to grab the detonator clearing Chris, Bernard, and Peter to go in. Kathryn recovers, stands up, and shoots at the good Samaritan, but he dodges and escapes. Before Kathryn can execute Anthony and Sarah Chris runs in shouting verbal commands. Kathryn flees with Chris in pursuit. Peter quickly runs by Anthony, and Anthony is confused. Sarah is instructed by Bernard to evacuate the university, but it results in more panic albeit with students being released.

Chris walks into the Women's restroom believing Kathryn is inside, but ends up getting killed by Kathryn who was actually "camping" outside. She leaves a Nerve Gas grenade which ensures Chris is dead. As she walks out of the restroom she is sniped by Bernard. Strangely she doesn't die which either means Bernard is using a less-than-lethal round, or Kathryn has rifle plates in her chest plate.

Peter is assigned with guarding Kathryn while Bernard tries to find Chris. Peter is about to kill Kathryn when she reveals that the chest plate also runs on a timer incase the chest plate's manual detonator isn't activated. It can't be stopped once it's started. Just as Peter is about to interrogate Kathryn, Bernard returns with news of Chris's death. Using the distraction, Kathryn punches Peter, steals his shotgun, and shoots Bernard in the abdomen with it.

Peter gets up, and pursues Kathryn now armed only with an M6 pistol. As Kathryn leaves the university using the same entrance Peter came through, Chad weakly attempts to alert the police before a policeman notices. She flees in one of the police cruisers, and Peter quickly steals another officer's. Sarah and Anthony run out of the university, and Anthony promises to "fix all of this". Chad joins Peter in the police cruiser, and Anthony mans the armed chain-gun in the back.

As they ride along on the M10 (the highway with the bridge Anthony used to take to work), Kathryn jumps the bridge, and Peter follows. Anthony shoots the tires out on Kathryn's car, and it rolls over many times. Kathryn climbs out, but is quickly knocked down my Peter. Anthony tries to reason with her, but all she says is that she will stop all of this if he loves her. Anthony is confused, and asks how, but before Kathryn can answer her exposure to anthrax kills her, and the 3 friends are left to learn how to disarm the bomb themselves. Bernard who survived the shotgun to his chest, patches Hector Mann to Peter, and Hector explains the biological agent's vial can be removed if the correct password is entered into a number-letter pad on the chest plate. Peter enters the default password which is Georgie (the dog Kathryn killed which landed her in a mental asylum), but it isn't accepted. Before Hector can explain further he promptly dies due to exposure to multiple CBRN agents. Bernard sends his condolences to Peter, and Chad accepts their fate. After some silence Anthony walks up to Kathryn's corpse and enters his name into the keypad. The chest plate is disarmed, and they head to a bar.

Two weeks later, Anthony is still unemployed, but now resides at Chad's house once again. Anthony sits down at the TV looking for a DVD to play, and Peter eats Anthony's pizza that he left for the day. Just as he's about to watch the DVD, the doorbell rings, and a man from a new gaming startup wishes to employ him after a suggestion from Sarah.

Anthony and Sarah briefly talk in front of the university. The show ends with Anthony wanting burger, but then he asks why everyone wears SPARTAN armor which is met by the reply "I have no idea."


Main CharactersEdit

Anthony HeitzmannEdit

Anthony OLR

Anthony is the main character of One Life Remaining. Anthony is a gamer who is socially-awkward for justifiable reasons, seeing how most of the people he knows are simply jerks or just are plain unlikable. He was picked on in school and was considered "weird" by his classmates. Anthony also has a strong liking in electronics, and has programmed a few games before. He is looking to pursue a career in the gaming industry.

Since the whole series revolves around him, it would be stupid to just constantly write about him, so here's two sentences that sum him up. The series is all about his life. It focuses on how he learns about life, friends, love, and how to face the world. 

Chad MuellerEdit

Chad OLR

Chad is Anthony's roommate and best friend. Chad is a friendly but lazy gamer who is independently wealthy, drinks nothing but beer and eats nothing but junk food. However, Chad deeply takes friendship and has a very soft side. For a better understanding of Chad, see Bachelor Frog. He is a very supportive of Anthony Heitzmann, and hangs out with him often. Chad smokes illegal tobacco often with Anthony and Peter.

Chad is also a friend of Peter Patterson, a.k.a. "Pete the Elite."

Chad owns a commendable gaming collection with "just about every gaming system ever made" according to Anthony. Many of these being old games serving as a basis.

In the second season, Chad is revealed to have a grandma who took extreme sports at an old age. She passed away when "the parachute didn't go off right." She leaves Chad $10,000 dollars but he has to use some of the money for an education, then he can blow all the rest of it.

In Season Two, Chad is shot by Kathryn and stays in a coma with Peter, who was also shot. He stays in the coma for two years, and after waking up, sets out to find Anthony and Peter.

Peter PattersonEdit

Peter OLR

Peter is Chad and Anthony's former next door neighbor and currently their new roommate. Peter is a poor Elite that is barely keeping a job and has been Chad's best friend for about two years. He was often bullied in college by a "closet homosexual", and seems to have some insecurities. In Season Two, it is revealed that the bully was Ted, who now runs the college. Peter is now planning to get back at him. However, this plan fails when Kathryn kills Ted, and Peter and Chad were shot and put into comas. However, Peter recovered faster and disappeared later. Two years later, when Kathryn kidnapped the University, Peter shows up, revealed to have joined the police. He and his two friends were present at Kathryn's defeat and death.

Sarah FieldingEdit

Sarah OLR

Sarah was a close friend of Anthony's at college. She was nice to Anthony, and saw things the way Anthony did. However, before she met Anthony, she was in a relationship with another boyfriend who was verbally abusive to her and did not care for her. Sarah hooked back up with him two years after she met Anthony. Anthony was quick to dislike her boyfriend, who laughed at him shortly after meeting him. Sarah invited Anthony out to a restaurant with her boyfriend. Anthony told Sarah he'd be at the restaurant, but he never showed up.

After that event, her life went downhill. Even though Sarah had a degree in college, the failing job market prevented her from being successful. Ted however, became the head of the college, and landed her a job at the college campus store. Sarah became bored with the job quickly, and she became unhappy with her life. When Anthony started working at the store in Season Two, Sarah revealed she and Ted are now engaged. The two had a very heated argument, which ended with Anthony quitting the job and resorting to drinking to wash away the depression. Kathryn follows her to her home, where she kills Ted. She attempts to kill Sarah, but she was interrupted by a drunk Anthony shows up at her front door and insults her in a drunken rage. Hurt, Sarah yells at him to leave and stay away from her life, partly from hate and from attempting to assure his safety. As more people arrive at the house, Kathryn is defeated and Sarah, in a fit of rage, hits Anthony, yelling at him to stay out of his life before Kathryn shoots Chad and Peter, putting them in comas.

Sarah took over as the University's principal due to Ted's death, and was surprised when Chad, waking up from his coma after two years, arrived, asking where Anthony and Peter was. Sarah said she doesn't know where Peter is, and she hasn't seen Anthony ever since she yelled at him. Later, Sarah oversees the graduation of the students, but it was interrupted when Kathryn shows up with a bomb strapped onto her and holds everyone hostage. Sarah and the students were eventually freed when Kathryn escaped while being chased by Anthony, Peter, and Chad. Anthony, making up to her after all these years, invites her for some burgers, which she accepts. She ends to series by answering Anthony's question to why they are all wearing SPARTAN armor with "I have no idea."

Kathryn MannEdit

Kathryn OLR

Kathryn comes from a rich family, her father owns a very large energy corporation known as "Mann Corporations. She is portrayed as paranoid, self-obsessed, and violent, but also smart and patient. Kathryn, as a young teenager, was put in a mental institution by her father after she killed the family dog for a thrill. Kathryn stayed in the mental institution for two years, where she developed a relationship with a policeman who also worked at the institution. The two often walked with each other, with the guard developing a liking for her. But one day, when the guard's back was turned, Kathryn knocked him down and took the guard's pistol out of his holster. Holding the guard at gunpoint, she escaped from the institution, but not before heartlessly gunning down a worker who ran away from her. As soon as she was out of the institution, she shot the guard and ran, escaping. Bernard Brown was investigating the case, but it was dropped when Kathryn went into hiding and could not be found.

Now, through season one, Kathryn started a relationship with Anthony Heitzmann, expertly clearing up her old self. However, her new self slowly returns to her old self and she develops a grudge against Anthony after he accuses her of being a "fucking bitch" for good reasons." For this, she starts to stalk Anthony, trying to find ways to ruin him. For a while, she tries forgiving Anthony, coming back to him and the two go out to dinner together. But Anthony calls out on Kathryn in front of the whole diner they go to, telling everyone how psychopathic she is, causing Kathryn to break down in tears. Now, she appears to be stalking Anthony again.

In Season Two, she shoots Peter and Chad with a pistol and nearly kills them, but they both stay in comas. Bernard Brown caught her and took her to a police station, but he was stopped by two men with guns and they both took Kathryn away. It is revealed that Kathryn's father is the one who had her kidnapped. Kathryn's father tells her that Mann Corporations now produces and manufactures weapons and studies gene advancement for the military. He has decided that Kathryn will be used as a test subject, and she will undergo very painful surgeries daily until she passes on. Kathryn, terrified, is taken away with a bright future ahead.

Two years later, Kathryn's repeated testing on Anthrax takes its toll on her and causes her health to deteriorate. Her father does not show any remorse on the matter, and gleefully jokes that they are going to hell for this. Kathryn escapes by faking a seizure and massacres most of the employees overseeing her testing. She then captures her father and puts him in the Anthrax chamber, activating all of the poisonous gases while she equips an irremovable chest-plate that is in fact a biological warhead, which she activates. Kathryn interrupts the University of Esoteria's graduation and takes everyone hostage, including Sarah, who has taken over as principal after Ted's death. The police arrives and they negotiate Anthony's presence for the freedom of the hostages. Anthony arrives and attempts to get Kathryn to free the hostages, but she refuses to. Bernard, Chris, and Peter, who had taken the job of an officer during the two year gap, storm the school and confronts Kathryn, who kills Chris and escapes. Peter, Chad, and Anthony give chase, and manages to shoot out her tires, disabling her car and causing her to crash. Anthony begs Kathryn to stop what she is doing, asking her what he can do to stop her. She merely replies "love me" before finally dying from the Anthrax. Her plan fails however, as Anthony types his name into the override, disabling the bomb.

Other charactersEdit

Deborah HeitzmannEdit

Mrs Heitzman OLR
Deborah Heitzmann is Anthony's mother. She decides to take Anthony to a restaurant after graduation. Later on though, her and Anthony have a heated fight where Anthony unintentionally makes her cry. Deborah is portrayed as a mother who does not understand her son, but deeply loves him and tries heightening his social status frequently. Deborah is voiced by Jon CJG with a higher tone of voice.

Allen HeitzmannEdit

Mr Heitzman OLR
Anthony's father, he works as a clown-for-hire for children's birthday parties. It's implied the job doesn't earn much and that kids sometimes throw cake at him (among other things).


Hobo OLR
A shady figure who hangs out near Anthony, Peter, and Chad's apartment. Not much is known about him. Anthony once tried to get him to share a turkey sandwich that the hobo was in possession of, but the hobo was unwilling. The gang later calls in the hobo to play some video games, although the hobo cannot understand them. Voiced by Jon CJG in a scratchier voice.


Chris is a high school bully jock who spends most of his time drinking beer, working out, picking on helpless nerds, and speeding in his mothers car. He is Becky's girlfriend, and he nails her repeatedly (despite the fact that they are both underage). Chris picks on Anthony repeatedly even though Anthony is smarter than him and actually has reasons to dislike him.

Chris OLR

Later on in the series, it is revealed Chris became a police officer. The reason for his job choice was because he could not find a job in anything that involved intelligent thinking and high school intelligence. So, he chose a job where he could show off his muscles, pick on people, and speed (cops are allowed to go fast on the road when an emergency is at hand and people have to get out of their way.) Chris eventually finds Anthony during his argument with Kathryn and further continues to pick on him, trying to get him busted for drug possession with Kathryn. Luckily, Anthony Chad and Peter thwart his plan.

Recently, he has been dating Crystal, another worker at the Gamer Pit. It is unknown how he met her, but it is most likely he met her through Kathryn.

Chris is frequently implied to have a small penis, something he has tried to cover up when having sex with underage girls by putting on eighteen condoms to make it look like his penis was larger.

Chris is later shot to death by Kathryn in the series finale.


Krystal worked at the gamer pit with Anthony and Kathryn and played a minor role in season one and season two. She is depicted as being short tempered, scoffing at Anthony's social awkwardness and excessively responding to rude prank callers. Some time after Anthony left the gamer pit she entered a relationship with Chris, but managed to maintain a friendship with his ex-girlfriend Kathryn.


Ted is portrayed as self-obsessed, a poser, and just a dick in every way. He dated Sarah when they were in high school, but coldly broke up with her at the start of college simply because he got bored of her presence. During his four years at the University of Esoteria he ruthlessly bullied Peter Patterson because of the former's race. After graduation Ted came to run the University of Esoteria, with Sarah as his girlfriend. In Season Two, he is shot to death by Kathryn and Sarah takes his place as the university principal.


Chris's girlfriend in the first couple of episodes. Serves at the Noodles and Balls Italian Restaurant. Referred to as the alpha tramp by Anthony Heitzmann.

Bernard BrownEdit

See Hard Justice for further character information

While not a character in the series, Bernard appeared in the Hard Justice/One Life Remaining Halloween crossover and had a minor appearance in Season 2.

In the years following the events of Hard Justice Bernard, Max, Eddie, and Howard surprisingly managed to completely rebuild the Esoteria Police Department, instilling a better sense of professionalism and competency in the absence of the corrupt former Governor. However, some of the new members of the Department such as Chris simply joined the Force to have the power of authority and to bully citizens whenever possible.

Now, his appearances seem to be stretching out. It is revealed that when Kathryn broke out of the insane asylum, he was the cop put on the case. Sadly, Bernard failed to find Kathryn, and dropped the case. Now, he is working with Chris, who he seems to dislike.


The setting usually takes place in restaurants and city locations. Anthony, Chad, and Peter share an apartment together in a gritty neighborhood. The area where most of the action takes place in throughout Season Two is the Esoteria University, a hi-tech college.


The series has been very well received by fans, many consider the show to be very relate able to their own lives which has earned more praise. It is not one of his most popular series but has gained a cult following.